Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Ramadhan is just around the corner....this Ramadhan all i wish is that it will be better than last year :)

Happy Fasting People :)

Thursday, 28 May 2015

First Painting

Saraya And Her First Whatever Painting :)

The Materials

Loom Band

Pom Pom Balls
Washable Watercolour 
Painting Paper ( any paper will long as it is thick)

Sorry that i could not take so may pictures but her is the end result :)

Eh sponge ... hehehe...A bIt Messy...but very beautiful :)
Our little Picasso :)
 This is actually my first attempt on making her discovered Painting...not really a big success...but nevertheless it is the process of discovering and learning i wanna instill :)

Happy Painting :)


Saraya dan Rainbow ricenye

tak larat nak taip banyak-banyak...gambo dan cara buat je..


1. beras putih
2. food colouring
3. cuka
4.plastic bag
5. bekas nak letak

macam mana buat

first ikut berapa banyak kaler nak buat...amik beras...masuk dalam plastic bag container...masuk cuka skit...then masukkan food colouring...picit-picit dan ratakan kaler tadi...  

pastu jemur ( bukan kat panas terik okay...kat tempat yang ade pengudaraan)

taraaa!!!! Siap!!!

cantek tak kaler die?????????
Ni gambar lepas beras dah kering...saya masukkan dalam botol and seperti biasa...Saraya akan tumpahkan semua....hahah... A MESSY PLAY!

Sekian...hehe...selamat mencuba....Tapi make sure keep an eye waktu anak main erk... :) Kalau anak dah besar boleh variasikan bende ni...contoh bubuh la dalam container untuk die main aiskrim-aiskrim ke...bubuh atas playdough ke..ape saje la yang kome rase best...

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Fine Motor Skill
Mesti pelik nama post ni kan...tak pelik...cuma nak share some of the simplest fine motor skill game yang kite biasa main tapi tak of it ialah...our kid akan masuk dan keluarkan barang-barang.... itu dah consider fine motor skill!!! 

kadang-kadang depe suke keluarkan baju-baju yang kite dah lipat...pastu depe masukkan balik kan? jangan marah depe ye...itu cara depe nak tahu rupenye bende-bende ni boleh tarik keluar dan masukkan balik!!!

Jadi i've read some articles on teh imprtance of fine motor skill...sangat teach anak-anak kita dalam mengendalikan bende bende menggunakan tangan dan kaki ... contoh bile anak-anak kite suke menggunting...itu maknenye they have good fine motor skill... susun susun barang ke...susun kasut semua...stacking cups....pastu perasan tak kadang kadang the boys suke susun susun kereta....

dulu waktu zaman saya kecik kecik paling kiteorg suke susun bantal-bantal/ kusyen-kusyen buat macam fort la...rumah la...itu pun fine motor dan gross motor skill... 

so kali ni nak share sikit aktiviti yang myself buat dengan Saraya waktu umur die setahun ni ....

Bagi die ape saje box yang berlubang/bertutup... ( make sure tak tajam) pastu dengan alat-alat tulis...pastu ajar die dulu...masukkan bende alah semua tu dalam lubang tu...die memang buat lepas tue... pastu i took out the lid...bagi botol kosong je...then die masuk dan keluarkan semua alat-alat tulis ni...

ni antara few pics managed to take

Itu je yang mampu tangkap...selebihnye layan die main then bagi encouragement setiap kali die berjaya masukkan alat-alat tulis tue :)

Happy Trying People


 Making Bath Time Super YummY!!!!
This is my first time making bath paint for Saraya...and trust me the ingredients used were cheap and yummy!!!! u might wanna play those with your kids...

The Ingredients
1. Whipped Cream
2. Food coloring
Walaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as simple as ABC... (TOLD YA ITS YUMMY)...

Now move on to the play scene time!!! 

Vibrant colours right?
The Purple colors somehow or rather had been spilled by my girl
Then the water started to change colours and it managed to make Saraya got puzzled...
But you need to wash ur baby cleanly and thoroughly after that because the bath paints did leave some oily and sticky residue...make sure you supervised ur kids...dont get too obsessed taking pics okay???

Happy Creating Bath Time Ritual!!!

For my husband :)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Im always crazy with Books....let alone when buying For Saraya....most of the books are bought locally and Internationally...there is one website that i love purchasing books from 

It is Book Depository ... they offer free shipping... dont get wrong...its not that i dont like our MPH or Kinokuniya or borders or Popular... But some of the books are not available and i have to wait for about a month for the i prefer buying form Book Depo....

I love reading to my daughter...and i dont care if she understand or not...sometimes she will just look at the pictures..flip the pages and throw the book without any warning....i enjoy watching her doing that...sometimes she will show figures of " Please read this to me and read with me" ...

There are few books she likes the most...and one of it is Barney Saltzberg's Books.. because there are few pages she can pull or do sort of things ... there is one of this man's book she has pulled the characters out from it...

Down!!!Selepas how many books she has gone through :)


I came across few Pinterest pins on making your own castle or fort from scratch ( using cardboard)... have been asking my hubby which of course more detailed than me in making things...

kalau myself buat memang main buat je...seni memang zero la..asalkan bende tu siap...Presentation skill memang takde... ( Tp sape kisah pun..i'm not a perfectionist)

So my husband took Saraya's Carseat Box ( Moderate size) jadikan fort untuk die main-main...

Tak tau macam mana my husband did...but the next morning i woke up...the Fort is there already and need few decorations before it is good to go !!!

Tapi...seperti biasa la...i dont wanna disturb my husband's effort sebab for me...whatever he made has a beauty in it and i will accept the end result... :)

so here are few pics of our daughter playing the fort and minding her own business :)

Nampak tak muke kenakalan si kecik ni???
And the mummy also trying to squeeze the cannot fit two people...haha...
I know my daughter is not very happy when i terrorize her ALONE space :)